Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ok, WOW is all i can say and thank you lord for the awesome day on the water with a disabled desert storm veteran and his wife as well as my loveing wife Ruthie Wilbur whom was so very helpful to me and our guest.
i was truely humbled and honored to be in this mans presents today,he has been out of his home minimal at best over the last 9 or so years mainly for doctor visits.
i was contacted by Don Gray from M.A.D who was contacted by Jerry Dilsaver to see about getting this veteran out and on the water,i was honored and proud to say yes.
wasnt sure how i was gonna do it but i pulled a seat out of my boat to make room for his wheel chair,that was no problem my main concern was how to get him in the boat chair and all.
luckally the ramp at shell rock is a perfect ramp that sits level with my boat no matter how high the water is since it floats.
we met above my house at 9 am and went to the launch put the boat in got him in no problem and boarded everyone else and off we went slowly down the I.C.W to queens creek.
we hit the first of holes and put out some lines and it didnt take long and he was hooked up on his first fish of the day that would shock us all 3 never heard of a triple tail and i had only ever saw them in pics 
the triple tail was only 10 5/8ths but it was his first ever and his first fish in 12 years,to which i contactedHunters Haven Taxidermy and arranged for it to be mounted,this is a fish of a life time for him since he would probably never get out to where they actually are and gery thank you for the fast response and great price i know he is gonna love it 
that was the first fish lol the first red to hit his line was a 24 inch red drum that put his will to the test and even though he only has partial movement of his right side and a little help from me holding the rod slightly for him he landed the brute,he would catch 2 more in this hole all from 21 to 22 inches 
it slowed there so we went up to a spot i call the sand pit and set up where we caught a stingray and broke off 3 or 4 drum on oyster rocks,so we moved to my honey hole and i told david why i called it the honey hole as we were pulling in.
i said this is the honey hole simply named because i can catch drum there when i cant catch them any where else,i said i can put baits against the bank and within 5 minutes we will have a drum on;)
2 lines in and within the 5 minutes we were there im talking to his wife i see him reach and start reeling and low and behold he is hooked up to a good fish,now i tag drum out on queens creek and other area's but yet to see one of them recaught,well god had a hand in giving david his best drum of the day a tagged 29 inch drum that i had tagged 2 months ago at 28.5 inches.
we were still one drum shy of a limit of 4 and by the time i cut the tag off this drum and retagged it and let it back on its way david was hooked up with another drum ,and his words were after the 29 he was done 
landed the last fish and it came in at 21 inches,totally and happy david had had enough and we were on our way back to the launch,4 drum one tripple tail and a very happy veteran who deserved to have a day like today.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Had an awesome time this weekend out on the boat with a few friends to catch some redfish once again,had a good friend joel and his wife shauna out on the QUEENS REVENGE.
This would be shauna's first time chaseing reds with me ,joel has been with me many of times with the kayaks and has picked up red drum fishing very well in the last few months,he has actually finished 3rd place in his first kayak tourney and is looking foward to more in the future.
 on this day we ended up catching 9 drum between us from 17 3/4 inches to 21 inches,nothing really impressive but a great time for shaun's first time drummin.
We used cut and live fresh finger mullets on a carolina rig with half ounce sinkers and 3/0 circle hooks,started off with cut mullet and when they stopped eating that we started throwing live mullet and kept catching fish.
 Her first drum was 19 inches and pulled like the devil in shallow water,her biggest was right around 21 inches,i was glad to have friends out and watch another drum addict be born.

thanks for comming out my friends im truely glad ya'll got to enjoy my life even if for just a short time look foward to doing it again soon.
 A big shout out to the  AVERAGE BO'S OUTDOORS

Saturday, August 17, 2013

 Had the chance today to get out and do some soul searching alone in gods country and my second home the water.
 was calm all morning so i decided to go hit the creek and look for some reds while takeing in the beauty of the day,by the time i got around and truely made up my mind it had begun to sprinkle but that wouldn't stop me unless the thunder and lightening started up.
 I reached the creek around 1 pm i think lol i never watch the time i'm always more interested and deep in thought of a game plan as i get on the water,spoke to a few people fishing the boat ramp and they had been haveing no luck from the dock.
 I headed up to a spot that i knew always holds fish and set up,stick pins in the mud to hold me the way i wanted to face and armed with a top water plug i began to throw,rain got a little heavier and fish were not co-operating so i moved to another hole that holds fish and again nothing.
 By now the tide had turned and the rains continued to come steady,so i figured one or 2 more spots then back home,this time i set up differently since the tide was now incomming and new the fish would be faceing another direction.
 throw my old faithful 60 yards in front of me and twitch it 2 times and wham zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fish on and it feels like a good one.
 Get it near the kayak and it takes off again stripping all the line i just got back in,it would do this 3 more times before i would actually see the fish and one more run,finally the fish begins to give in and come to the yak. one good swoop and the drum is now in the yak and im still shaking with the excitement of the explosion on my top water bait.

   pinch the tail and it comes in at 27 on the mark 

There is nothing better than being out in gods country doing what ya love to do catch fish so get out there and enjoy what god has given us, until next time be safe have fun and catch some fish BIG or SMALL .
Got a call last nite from a friend wanting to know if i'm up to going up for fishing from my boat,i said sure why not the REVENGE had not been on the water in awhile.
 Jake and i hit the water around 4 pm ,nice and calm good clean water and it didnt take long to get some bait,armed with finger mullets and top water lures we headed to a spot that has been producing some really nice fish in the middle to upper slot.
 We set up one rod with live baits and the others with top water plugs,nothing seemed to want to play and we moved around to a few spots before we finally found fish that wanted to play,i hit the first drum on a top water plug at right about 18 inches pic and released fast ;)

After that there was nothing again for a bit so we moved around the corner from where we were and set up once again,bait and top waters were deployed it didn't take jake long to connect with his first top water red and after a short battle he had a beautiful 20 inch red drum in the boat.

It didnt last and time ran out for Jake as he had to go home and cook dinner for his wife and new baby,so i brought him back to the dock and dropped him off and went back out fishing alone.
 I did not fish too long after he left i did manage a few small blue fish and also broke off a nice drum due to a cut off on and oyster bed and i called it quits and went home.
 It was a good day out with a good friend and thats what matters,being in gods country is what i love catching fish is just the bonus.
 Till next time ,to all my friends out there be safe and have fun.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Took some time out last nite and hit the creek near my house in search of some red drum fishing,left around 3pm to search the marshes where ive been finding some fish as of late.
 Armed with some topwater lures and soft plastic i managed a few finger mullets to entice the crafty spook reds into eating an offering,i paddled down to a spot that looked fishy and set up along a oyster bed and grass island and started to throw top waters mainly being the mirror lure top dog jr in 808 colors.
  They didn't seem interested in top waters even with the light rain i was getting so i put a second rod out with live finger mullets against the grass banks to sit and soak till something hungry came along.
 Throwing top waters and soaking live minnows was doing no good so i bring the live bait in and cut the tail off the live minnow and switch spots,throw that out and start throwing top water again and wham zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my bait rod bends over begging for mercy as the line screams off the reel at will by the fish that just destroyed my bait.
 After a good battle and 3 hard runs ,one swoop of my net and it is over and the fish is landed measured and pic taken,this beast of a red drum was 24 3/4 inches long and was gonna make a great meal for me and my wife.
 This is my first post as a blogger and i hope to have many, many more to come so keep watching im always on the water and im a kayak guide here in North Carolina,i run native water craft kayaks to fish from and have been fishing for 14 years down here.