Tuesday, September 3, 2013

took the slayer out tonite for a bit to do some much needed drummin with top water, wasn't looking to promising with the clouds starting to move in as i headed out,but out i went lol.
looked around a few holes after getting some bait and didn't see much so i kept paddling around,first storm missed me and cleared off with a slight sprinkle then nothing.
waters calmed some what and i headed into a friendly looking cove as the clouds and winds started to pic up once again,i wasn't scared lol i started to throw the top dog jr as the clouds got darker and darker then my phone rings William Nichols Jr. calls me to tell me its pouring at his house lol Jake Boudman called me earlier and said the same thing ......................me i said the fish are wet why should i be any different lol.
as i'm talking to nick and heading further in this cove i start to see flashing light so now i'm getting nervous and i still haven't gotten my drum,still talking to nick i throw and turn my head looking at the light show and wham drum on;)
in the yak never took the plug out of its mouth and started to paddle back quick while talking to nick meausre on the bank at 20 inches ;)

ing pics of the storm chasing me off the water lol,so one drum landed and netted and a storm from hell moving in fast but no SKUNK  20 INCHER IN FOR DINNER,and the rod holders are great as well as my new 2 in one lure box