Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I have finally gotten the chance to do an off shore event this past weekend at the Oak Island NCKFA tournament i was sponsored by Eric Moore of Chilly Beat Apparel which is a great clothing company with awesome shirts and hoodies as well as hats all you could ever need for out door wear.
The event started at first light on the 8th of October,i fished from the Native Watercraft Versa board which is 12.3 inches long 33 inches wide and Only 55 pounds,it is a great platform to fish from with its wide open deck and low profile with swivel seating and elite seating to make it comfortable all day long,easy to stand on and stable enough to allow for you to fly fish from or throw a cast net off.
Family and friends Paul Anderson and his wife deb put me up as they always do and i am very greatful to call these friends family,THANK YOU Paul and Deb for putting up with me each year to see more of these great people check them out at https://www.facebook.com/IslandFishingCenter?fref=ts for all your fishing needs.

The first morning was stunning with light winds and calm sea's which meant my first time out in the ocean in the Versa board was gonna be a good one,i got my bait from the beach before i launched all nice sized finger mullets made sure every thing was in place before the launch,watched the wave action for a bit then saw my opening and went for it.
My rigs were simple leader was 50 pound mono with bead crimped in place with a 3 ounce barrel sinker and another bead crimped in place holding the sinker and 8/0 circle hook in place,20 pound braided main line on a Penn Pursuit rod and reel combo.
7:56 minutes into my launch i had hooked up to my first ever bull drum off the kayak and the fight was on after a brief fight i managed to land the fish tag it and safely release it unharmed to fight another day.

There were many bull drum caught on this day and i was able to hold first place on the bull drum at 41 inches at the end of day one 

on day 2 there was a 43.75 came in and a 43.50 along with a 42 incher knocking me out of the running for a top seat

i did how ever learn a great lesson ,not only do you need to make sure your pictures of the tape are CLEAR and seable BUT also ALWAYS have your identifyer in the picture,i lost out on 3rd place big red because i forgot that part,my picture was clear but no identifyer means no fish.

This was my first offshore fishing tournament and it will not be my last since it was a blast and i did very well in my own world.
Thank you again to my sponsors https://www.facebook.com/Chillybeat?fref=ts and Eric Moore for the chance to represent you and your awesome apparel ,thank you to Native Watercraft for a fantastic all around fishing kayak http://nativewatercraft.com/   and also thank you to my loving wife Ruth Jones for believing in me all these years 

Here is a video of my first morning first bull drum hope you enjoy.