Tuesday, November 17, 2015

                                     What makes a Fisherman

 Random thought running thru my head,over the years since i was a little boy my dad has taught me how to be a fisherman,from tying lines to hooks and baiting them to casting from close faced to open faced reels.
 Fly Rod to tying fly's and teaching patients to presentations,He also taught me how to find the fish ANY WHERE i went what to look for how to approach them and how to actually catch them.
 As the years have gone by i have used EVERY bit of what he has taught me in fishing as well as in everyday life because most of what he taught went hand in hand with every day living.
 As i grown so does my fishing ability's since it is a never ending learning curve,there are many people who consider themselves Fisherman yet know nothing about the reality of how and why they are catching fish.
 Many people ride the coat tails of other fisherman and then consider themselves fisherman because they can go to a place that was shown to them time and time again and shown how to approach and cast to the awaiting fish this is not a blast on anyone in particular just a fact of life.
 Then there is that guy or gal that buys the very best gear and lures that were made to catch fisherman and or woman they watch hours and hours of videos and TV shows and then TRY to go out and catch fish.
There are many guides which i am one that work hard to find fish, keep track of fish and there habits so when the time comes they can take a client out and show them where the fish are and hopefully teach them to catch them.
 The job of a guide is to help put you on fish but further more to TEACH you what our fathers and grandfathers have done from an early age,the job of the client is to learn what is being taught then take it home and REMEMBER what you were taught not where you were brought to catch fish learning.
 The last thing a guide wants to do is find a person he took fishing in his fishing hot spots thru the year because the client is now a fisherman,more or less a tail rider because if he had not been shown where he would not not where and would still be looking.
even if the person who has shown you what you need to know to locate and catch fish is NOT a guide but a friend be smart and stay away from where he has shown you out of friendship,no he doesn't own the fish or the water but if it was not for him most would not have a clue how to catch fish.
 So WHAT makes a fisherman or fisher woman? LEARNING how to do things on your own from what knowledge has been passed down to you,put what you were taught to use for your OWN good and find fish and spots that you can be proud of by knowing you payed attention and didn't have to be shown where to go.
 A fisherman is a person who uses all resources to there benefit,a person who learned what they were taught and retained a person that no matter where they go and fish can find fish because they LEARNED.
Getting a guide is a great way to learn what and how and where but trust me most guides are not gonna take you to a spot and then say ill see you here the next day FREE.
 He or she is not gonna want to see you fishing where they took you after they are done trying to teach you,and again no they do not own the water or the fish but they make a life teaching and if your interfering in that its wrong and yes by being there that's what your doing.
I do not consider myself a pro or believe i know every thing but i do know i LEARN every day about fishing and life,when i can not learn it is over.
I do not need to go to where others show me where fish are i like to go and find my own fish and i work hard doing it,many many hours on the water with different lures and baits,i do not guide from a boat so i use waters that are close and do not need to be paddled miles to get to them a boat guide if he isn't on fish can travel many miles in a hurry to get fish as a kayak guide they can not.

So what type of fisherman or woman are you?