Monday, December 9, 2013


                                                     Native Watercraft  Slayer 14.5
                                                        Kayak Fishing at its finest

 I have personally been kayaking for a lot of years from sit inside kayaks to the newer more stable and well designed sit on top kayaks,from perceptions to pelican and many others.
  Way back when i started in kayaking it was for fun just paddling around on the waters seeing the sites,as i had gotten better i decided to sit and fish one problem was my sit in side kayak offered little to no place to use a fishing rod and store it.
 I made do with what i had and learned to catch fish from them with ease,as the years went by i was watching other kayak makers start making fishing kayaks and i opted for a fishing kayak version from pelican,it was still a sit inside kayak but now had added rod holders.
 I had gotten away from kayak fishing since nothing i was trying was what i wanted and ended up buying a Jon boat that solved my problems and i went on catching fish.
 A few years ago i had gotten interested once again in kayak fishing and there now was way more options for fishing from them,i looked at perception and pelican as well as wilderness and Hobie but the one that caught my eye was a blue redfish 12 made by heritage kayaks now owned by Native.
I have fished from my redfish 12 for around 5 years and loved it ,but the down fall to me was the seating in it,after hours of fishing on the water, my back would be killing me but non the less i was fishing.
 From the redfish 12 i went to the redfish 14 and once again was in heaven,seating was better and i had a ton more room,Native had gone way above my expectations with making this kayak,sad part was the redfish 14 had been done away with and had been replaced by the manta ray 14,this kayak is similar to the redfish 14 but upgraded nicely with a thick comfortable seat and more stability,the seating would allow people to sit non stop for hours with comfort which is an added plus in my books.

 Native wasn't done impressing me or the many followers they have with there quality kayaks,always improving and listening to the People and what they wanted in a kayak,after a few years they now came out with the Native Slayer 14.5.
 The seating is top notched  and to me the best on the market,if it is comfort you want this kayak has it all,plenty of storage uncluttered deck for standing while fishing ,high low seating with a reclining back rest.
 The weight of the slayer is 73 pounds and has a wheel attached to the rear for easy carrying by one person,simple lift by the handle in front and the rear will roll along with you with ease,the added gear tracks are a definite plus since it made it a lot easier to add gear on the track where you don't need to put screws in the plastic as well as what ever you add can be moved around with ease.
 i am 50 years old and i can handle the kayak alone any time i take it out it is 30 inches wide making for a very stable platform to stand and fish from,it moves on the water with the ease of a light paddle stroke,turning it is no problem at all,it is not a Fast kayak by any means and was built with a fisherman from all classes and ability's in mind.
 I use my slayer on moving waters and calm waters as well as in the surf it is a great all around kayak in my opinion and i could not ask for anything better.
 Native has taken it a step further with the slayer propel which i can not attest to but from what i see and hear this is a kayak fisherman's dream with forward and reverse peddling making it one of a kind with all the enmities as the slayer 14.5 ,comfort,stability,stand ability and mostly fish ability,this new kayak will allow hands free fishing along with the ability to go further in less time and keep you on your spots where the fish are chewing a lot longer.
 When you can get a chance or if interested in a Native kayak demo contact your local dealers and see what they have to offer or contact and see what they have to offer,i can almost say you will not be disappointed in the least bit,or contact me at and i'll do my best to let you demo my native slayer 14.5