Thursday, June 5, 2014

May creekin for hatteras blues

 Had the chance to get a good friend out fishing for big bluefish on bear creek this year for his first ever bluefish from the kayak.
 We were paddling native's Redfish 12's they handle very well in small creeks and are a great budget minded kayak with the feel of more expensive yaks.
Colin and i headed to the creek on the end of the outgoing tide in an area i knew would hold some of these brutes,our rods we were useing were penn battles 3000 series with 10 pound power braid with 3/0 circle hooks and big chunks of mullet as fresh as i could catch.
It didn't take long for Colin to hook up his first fish of about 12 pounds and after a few strong runs and some leaps he finally lands his first Hatteras bluefish.
By the time we finished fishing for a few hours with the change of the tide we ended the day with 5 huge blues well over 60 pounds of fish and one happy marine.