Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Madness 2014

March madness continues here in eastern NC,had the chance to get on the water with some great people this month and chase the red drum around a bit.
 This month alone i have personally seen at least 400+ red drum caught from the kayak's and been on the bent rod end of a lot of them including my very first red drum on a fly.
 Me and a friend of mine Eddie (yakattack flyflinger) Manning got the chance to hit a creek where i have been following a school of slot size drum around.
 Eddie wanted to try a fly rod drum so he asked me what fly i told him a pink and white clouser should do but the hole was close to 10 ft deep and he had to get the fly way down low.
 With a sinking line and a beaded fly he began to toss his fly to the opposite side of the creek where i suggested he should try and on about his fourth try Red on,after landing it it was close to 21 inches not huge but a respectable red for sure.
 Eddie asked me if i would like to try and even though i was dieing to i really didn't want to because i knew if i caught the addiction of a fly rod red would be fueled with that hook up.
 14 years of living here and never trying it i finally broke down and gave in to the lure of the long rod and all it has to offer,on my 3rd or 4th cast i was finally hooked up onto my first red drum fly rod fish,again not huge close to 20 inches but my very first.
 We ended the day fishing cut baits and landing close to 30 drum from 2 holes and it was truly a great day with a great friend,one i look forward to doing again soon.