Saturday, March 28, 2015

 March is almost over and it has been a good month for sure,the red drum bite had been from cold to hot in a week or 2 and back to cool.
drum were hitting every thing we could throw at them from top waters to soft plastics and live baits,there were no shortage of fish up till now,the fish are there but with the water temps back down they are less willing to chew.
 Had the pleasure of getting a repeat customer out when things were on fire and he had the time of his life,6 drum on top waters up to 26.50 inches and he bested his personal best drum 3 times in one day with the largest being 30 inches.
 Had some friends out in the same area and in a few hours we put almost 100 drum between 3 kayaks on soft plastics JP Hammer Shads 3.6 in money and bubble gum worked very well the schools have thinned down some but they are still there and it takes time and patients now to get them to bite,but with next weeks warmer weather that will all change as they become more active with the warmer waters.
Here are some pics from the last few weeks of drum fishing and i have actually caught a flounder how ever it was short but they are showing back up as well ;)

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