Saturday, March 28, 2015

Made a new kayak purchase it is   #nativewatercraftversaboard

Here is my take on this kayak paddle board.
it is 12.3 feet long 33 inches wide and weighs in at a whopping 55 pounds.
 very stable kayak with the elite seating by native with a swivel base that will lock in place where ever you put it or it can be flipped up and back folding out of the way enabling you to be able to stand and paddle with ease.
it is not a fast kayak in the least but it moves with ease,i can stand and fish with the help of a stand up strap i installed to help with the ease of standing ,i have pushed the seat back and i can tell you it makes it a lot more roomy if you will.
The deck is clean and open without any obstructions to get in your way,this deck would be ideal for fly fishing which i will test out soon as the weather permits .
 I can sit in this kayak for hours on end with the seating as it is the best part about this kayak is there is many different seating options,you can remove the swivel seat and mount a cooler for higher seating or put a normal kayak seat on it as well as a wedge seat by native.
 my over all opinion on this kayak is it is a great kayak and it performs better than i could have wanted,i look to add a second one to my fleet of kayaks along with 2 manta ray 14's ,neither of these kayaks will break the bank and are user friendly by all from beginner to professional 

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